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Bay Dog Monterey Bay Offshore Dog Lifejacket (Large, Yellow)

Bay Dog

There is literally nothing like the Monterey Bay Offshore Dog Lifejacket anywhere in the world.  We took our award-winning Monterey Bay Lifejacket, and made 3 changes to enhance the performance to accommodate dogs engaged in offshore boating:

  • Flotation pontoons on the top will roll your dog upright, even if they enter the water upside down
  • A flotation pad added below the dog’s chin will keep their head elevated for greater survivability in offshore situations
  • A second handle was added to sizes M, L and XL to assist bringing larger dogs back onto the boat

Whether you are rafting, kayaking, paddleboarding, or just out on the boat, being on the water is always better with your canine companion.  The BAYDOG Monterey Bay Offshore Lifejacket is designed to keep your pup safe and secure during all your waterborne adventures.

The Monterey Bay Offshore Dog Life Jacket supports your dog's entire body from below and lifts their head above the water line.  Look at other dog lifejackets on the market… most are completely open underneath the dog’s front legs and chest.


The design of the Monterey Bay Offshore supports your dog's entire body from below and provides buoyancy where they need it: under their chest and head!  This support area is not just important for floatation, it’s especially important to support this area for lifting.  The Monterey Bay Offshore Dog Lifejacket is better by design, made with the quality you’ve come to expect from BAYDOG.


  • STABILIZING PONTOONS: On the back of the lifejacket seek the surface to roll your dog upright
  • ENHANCED CHEST FLOTATION: Keeps your dog’s head above the waterline for enhanced survivability in varying sea conditions
  • FULL TORSO SUPPORT: Ergonomically designed to allow complete range of swimming motion
  • TWO RESCUE HANDLES: A second handle added with reinforced stitching, makes it easy to pull your dog aboard (M, L, XL only).
  • HI VISIBILITY: Bright colors that are easy to spot
  • REFLECTIVE TRIM: 360 degrees of nightime visibility


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