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Coastal Pet Products Water & Woods Professional Silent Dog Whistle (Assorted)

Coastal Pet Products

The Water and Woods® Professional Silent Whistle is your ultimate tool for alerting your dog to return to you effortlessly. While the whistle remains silent to human ears, its distinct sound is highly audible to dogs up to an impressive distance of 500 feet away. This makes it an indispensable accessory for hunters, beachgoers, and anyone whose dog loves to explore off-leash during outdoor activities. With this silent whistle in hand, you can easily communicate with your canine companion without disturbing others, allowing for effective training and recall commands. Enjoy every outdoor experience with your furry friend, thanks to the reliability and convenience of the Water and Woods® Professional Silent Whistle.

  • Adjustable tone can be used to train your dog to complete various tasks
  • Frequency can be heard up to 500 feet away
  • Includes carrying case for covered transport
  • Features o-ring for easy lanyard attachment
  • Quietly communicate with your dog outdoors




Use for training and alert dog to return to you.


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