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Remedy + Recovery Liquid Bandage for Dogs (4-oz)

Remedy + Recovery Liquid Bandage for Dogs (4-oz)

Remedy Recovery

  • Waterproof, Keeps Wounds Clean & Dry

  • Breathable Film Allows Air to Reach Injury

  • No Alcohol or Acrylic (Plastic) in the product

  • Great for Use to Protect Hot Spots

  • For Cuts, Scrapes, Irritation

Remedy & Recovery’s Liquid Bandage is a medical device created to help heal and protect your pet’s injury, keeping it clean and dry.

It’s easy spray application dries quickly and begins soothing instantly. It contains no alcohol so there’s no worry that it will sting or cause your pet discomfort. In fact, soothing aloe and chamomile are also known for calming redness and irritation.

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